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All of us are Engineers or Lead Designers in all engineering disciplines and we come from a lot of different countries. We are working in the world for different Oil & Gas projects and we are able to help you and quickly. Our force are availability, reactivity, understanding, professionalism.....
We are able to help you in all engineering disciplines and constructions: - Project - Piping - Mechanical - HVAC - E&I - etc...
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"Do you have a problem with the Engineering provided by your subcontractor? Do you need help in Engineering or Construction? We are the best team for help you and every where in the world. Contact us"
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Welcome with us- Construction by HHI for GORGON Project, - New FPSO CLOV for TOTAL, - Lot of jobs in Kazakhstan, - FPSO PAZFLOR for TOTAL, - FPSO USAN for TOTAL,
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